24 Lessons I Learned by 24

24 Lessons I Learned By 24


I turned 24 this weekend.  24 years of journeying through this peculiar thing called life.  I’ve learned a few things so far and had a hard time only choosing 24 lessons. Though I may be young, life is always a painfully and graciously generous teacher if we are willing to notice.

1. If you get the chance, jump into the ocean and ruin your hair.  You can always put on a hat.

2. Be brave. Be vulnerable.  These virtues are sisters, not enemies.

3. Eggs and toast are acceptable for any meal of the day.  Give yourself a break.

4. Feel the fear; do it anyway

5. You do not need to defend your choices to every single dissenter.  Some people will just never approve.  You can beautifully survive lack of approval.

6. Traveling can be so much more than just going on a vacation.  It’s about self-discovery and widening your mind.  Also, about dealing with 24,918 things going wrong and the same going right.

7. God is love.

8. Self-care is not selfish.

9. Siblings can be your best friends

10. Faith is a choice, not a feeling.  So is true love.

11. If you leave smoothies in your car for a few days, your car will stink.  If you leave the wrong people in your life too long, your life will stink.

12. It’s way more fulfilling to be a Gatherer of Friendships and Experiences, than it is to be a Gatherer of Things.

13. Getting enough sleep makes you more productive and less bitchy.

14. Women still aren’t equal.  Women are changing this.  But, honestly, so are all these really great men.

15. It’s okay to change your mind.

16. Food can either heal or kill your body.  By all means, let it be a healer.

17. Creativity is vitally important to your humanness.  Everyone is creative and should explore their artistry frequently.

18. Divorce is sometimes the best and only answer.  Don’t judge.

19. Chasing your dream is hard and you will get very tired.  Take a nap and then keep chasing.

20. Your brain is not controlled by you the day before your period.  It is controlled by an evil alien.  Watch what you say.

21. Being the “good girl” is way overrated.  Be you, and be you awesomely.

22. Anxiety and Depression are real medical problems.  “Having more faith” won’t fix them anymore than “having more faith” will cure high blood pressure.

23. You don’t have to fit into any particular mold.  Uniqueness is a gift, not a curse.

24. Making friends is hard, keeping friends is hard, people are hard.  But the giving and receiving of love is important.  Love people.  Above all, love people.

24 Lessons I Learned by 24

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