Gluten Free Travel

Traveling with Celiac disease or a Gluten Intolerance is no joke. Β Nobody wants to be stressed out about food and nobody wants to be sickΒ when traveling. Β I’ve been there. Β But it’s not impossible to enjoy the cuisines of new places and find Gluten Free options! Since I travel with Celiac (the thing I’d LOVE to forget and leave at home!), I like to share what I’ve discovered with my fellow Gluten-Freers.

U.S. Travel:

Gluten Free in NYC

International Travel:

Gluten Free Costa Rica

Gluten Free Puerto Rico

Other Travel:

How To Road Trip Gluten Free: A Simple Guide For Those Who Travel While Eating Gluten Free ~ ~ #glutenfree #celiac #travel #roadtrip


gluten free on carnival