Taylor is one of my favorite people to work with — she’s a gifted editor, excellent writer/communicator and a natural strategist. She tackles every project head on and consistently delivers work that surpasses my expectations. If Taylor’s working on something, you can always trust it’s going to be done right. She’s an absolute asset to any team.
|Charlotte Garden, Bravo Content Management|


Taylor has been such a help to me in my new business. Her feedback and support are exactly what I needed.
|Cindy Finch, LCSW|


Taylor truly has a way with words!  She helped me perfect my about me which engages readers and encourages them to stay on my site.  She is an awesome resource for bloggers and business owners!
|Rachael from The Rachael Way|


Excellent freelancer. I will continue to reach out to her for more work in the future! Highly recommended. She’s an outstanding communicator and does some of the highest-quality editing I’ve ever seen. She clearly sets very high standards for herself.
|5 Star Upwork Review|


Taylor is one of the best writers I ever work with. She is a gifted writer, quickly understand the unique requirements and deliver the products fast.
|Elad Hogen, PanPrestige.com|


I am so thrilled to have found Taylor! She’s so fantastic at coming up with blog post ideas that appeal to our target audience in exactly the right way. Her work is always well-researched and very well written and she always delivers on (and sometimes even before!) deadline. Not only is she a skilled writer but she’s a lovely person as well and I look forward to continuing our working relationship.
|Maria Carras, Owner at Maria Carras Creative|


Taylor is a brilliant and very talented writer with a beautiful personality! She provides us with engaging articles for our website. Her work ethic is very professional and we highly appreciate working with her!


Taylor was a pleasure to work with and I would absolutely recommend her freelance writing services. She never missed a deadline, always pitched unique and creative ideas, and presented clean and concise copy pieces.
|Lauren Mandel|


Taylor is a bright and talented writer who combines the enthusiasm and curiosity of the millennial voice (of which she is one) together with a tremendous work ethic. We can honestly say she never missed a deadline and always delivered far exceeding our expectations. We found that she was able to grasp what we needed with little direction. Highly recommended!
|Anonymous Business Owner|


Resume/Cover Letter Creator

With the decision to return to the workforce came the unwelcome and scary task of composing a resume and cover letter, neither of which I have written before. Taylor came to my rescue. I supplied her with basic information, which was relatively easy once she assured me the information did not have to be in any particular wording or format, just basic facts. Taylor soon got back to me with a most professional resume. I was instantly made aware of her extreme expertise. She took my mumbo-jumbo and produced clear, concise and impressive documents, ones that reflect who I am and gave me confidence to pursue my employment goals. She eliminated the “fear” factor. I benefited from not only possessing a wonderful resume and cover letter, but also from having gained knowledge throughout the whole process, as Taylor was more than willing to address my questions. Taylor’s friendly and professional demeanor made the task much easier than trying to tackle it on my own.