The Millennial Salon: Art by Caroline Egeland

I just love creative people!  Caroline is not only creative in each piece of art she produces, she is also creative in her methods/mediums!  From paper cut-outs to wood, this young woman has nothing binding her to convention. (On top of it all, she’s a poet too!) I know you will all be as fascinated and inspired as I was when I first saw Caroline’s work.  Enjoy and check out her links below! ~Taylor





















Caroline Egeland is a 19-year-old freelance artist and spoken word poet who is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Her main mediums are gouache paint, paper, craft knifes, spray paint and wood. Her work ranges from things like vibrant color studies and abstracts done on things like crude, unprimed wooden planks, intricate scenery and details as well as poems cut free-hand from paper with nothing but a craft knife, and geometric sketches and works exploring things like nature and theory.

More of her work may be viewed at:
You can like, get in touch with her about purchasing/commissioning, and follow her work to stay updated on things like gallery shows, poetry features, new art for sale and more at:

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