Saying Goodbye To Costa Rica with a Beach Bonfire

Well, we have left Costa Rica. Our time there flew by. It seems like just yesterday we were planning our crazy idea of living in another country for some time. Now we are taking a pit stop in my home city of Las Vegas before moving on to other places (Europe starting May 14th!).

Three of the things we loved most about Tamarindo were: sunsets, the beach, our friends. To say goodbye to all three, I planned a little beachside goodbye party/Kyle’s belated surprise birthday party. It was one of our favorite nights!

A sweet and generous friend of ours agreed to bring his food truck right up to a bonfire area on the beach. We lit the fire and watched our last Tamarindo sunset. Our friends started gathering around. We all enjoyed beer, wine, burgers from the food truck, a warm fire, more stars than you could imagine, and the sound of crashing waves.

It was just as beautiful as it sounds.

Yes, we cannot wait for all our other adventures coming up, but we will always hold our time in Costa Rica near and dear to our hearts. Here are some pictures from that lovely final night:

tamarindo beach



tamarindo beach

One thought on “Saying Goodbye To Costa Rica with a Beach Bonfire

  • May 17, 2016 at 3:09 pm

    There is a Spanish saying “Tranquilo Bobbi” so I get that quote. “Chill dude.”. I’m glad the bad didn’t outweigh the good. Kyle’s art work turned out amazing and another lovely stamp on the passport. I’m excited to see what Italy looks like.


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